We’re the nations complete solution for excavation and non-invasive digging practices. We provide the right tools, expertise, and experience to meet the challenges of any project.

1. Turn Key Project Management

Our clients enjoy the ease with which they are able expand their underground infrastructure through Superb. We take a simple napkin sketch illustrating a basic point A to point B diagram, then transform it into engineered drawings, approved permits with alignments, material lists and a firm quote on construction, complete with schedule. From there, we execute the construction plan and upon completion provide a GPS as-built of the newly installed infrastructure - all that's left is to hand over the keys to the new vaults!

Locate Management

Eliminate the frustration of utility line location with a more complete service. We coordinate public utility locates and meet onsite with their locators to ensure nothing is missed. Private utilities are also marked and mapped as they are located, while photos are captured and paint markings are applied. The results are a more comprehensive overview of the worksite – eliminating the guesswork.

Private Utility Locating

We are able to offer same-day direct or indirect scanning service to accurately locate electrical, gas, water, sewer, and telecommunication lines including fiber.

The Superb Advantage

With our service comes total peace of mind. We provide a complete understanding of the surrounding utility line architecture to define the unique challenges of your project.

Superb Construction Group Services

Utility Mapping

Using satellite positioning we collect an extensive outline of all utilities in one comprehensive map. These methods are proven to be up to six times more accurate than conventional CAD reference drawings. The final satellite imagery is permanently stored, where it can referenced and amended with ease.

Hydrovac Excavation

HydroVac excavation (also known as ‘soft digging’) is a safe alternative to invasive digging techniques. A non-destructive process, soft-digging processes uses pressurized water, while the resulting mud is vacuumed away to expose underground utilities. Every HydroVac project is handled by two Hot Dig certified, experienced operators to optimize our hourly rates.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is used to install underground utilities with extreme precision and zero disturbance to the site surface. Using the latest sonar location technology we are able to bore utility lines for thousands of feet with pin-point accuracy each and every time. Directional drilling supports an endless variety of common utilities including electric, fiber optics, gas, oil, sewer, and water lines.


Ploughing is extremely efficient process that allows us to install utility underground over several kilometers. Using a high-powered dozer, the earth is removed while conduit is placed and the trench is backfilled in a single motion. It is best suited for rural applications, such as farmland and highways. Click here for video


We provide a complete solution for your trenching and excavation needs. We excavate, install shoring, and incorporate sand bedding. Pressure treated planking and caution tape is then applied over the utilities before we backfill and compact the trench. Lastly, we dispose of excess material and restore the surface to it’s original state.

Cable Pulling

We use hydraulic wire pullers is used to add or remove any size of electric or fibre optic cable through underground conduits. Our expert team of operators come with years of experience to ensure cables are safely moved throughout the most crowded conduit without damage.